Roses and thorns are both a part of life.

I talk in this blog about how discouragement happens to everyone.  We each have thorns.  They may be placed in different arrangements but we all have several trials to walk thru. In order to experience the beauty of a rose, we have to be willing to overlook and/or accept the thorns that come along with it.  To have and embrace the beauty in life, we must accept and deal carefully with the thorns that accompany that beauty.  It’s part of the natural order of things on earth. 

This platform is both rose and thorn.

As a rose- it pushes us, bloggers, to keep going. To read, learn, educate ourselves and share; to lift others up, encourage one-another– which encourages us along the way.

As a thorn- it tempts us to cover up our own foibles, our struggles, and our imperfections.

I struggle with depression and apathy along with anxiety. I share about it more often than not on my other blog which focuses on my recovery journey. Many times, I sit amazed that I have trouble moving forward when my life seems so good when I get into comparisons. It is all about perspective.

I have all four limbs working and functioning fully. My adult son lives with me (blessing and curse) but that means we are on speaking terms and he is not in jail. I live in a safe neighborhood, 3 blocks from work (and I don’t have a car), in a nice apartment even though I live below the poverty line (of a First World Nation — so I am wealthy). True, the cost of every single individual grocery item seems to have gone up this last year– but we have never gone without enough food to eat and a couple treats every two weeks when we shop. I work in an environment where every employee gets along with each other, as do all the volunteers. There is no gossip, backbiting, or underhanded operations. These are my rose-colored experiences.

I have thorns, believe me. The depression has been keeping me in bed for up to 18 hours some days lately. My adult son has a severe mental health diagnosis. He can get explosive and/or just highly emotional. I avoid confrontation so it can be quite uncomfortable around the home. It is more than a little draining.

But giving up, and cutting out life experiences that can lead to joy is not an option just because of the thorns that last only momentarily in the big scheme of things. 

Every day, every single day we have the choice to show up or quit.  It’s easy on sunny days It might be easy on some days and seemingly impossible on other days. 

If today you find yourself in that choice I encourage you to show up, keep going, and take the next step toward the beauty in life. Be gentle with yourself if you are in a rough patch. Don’t wallow. Do something. But still be compassionate. Handle your thorns carefully and wisely.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate



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