Do you want to release self-doubt?

I recently read a blog post about self-doubt. In it the author said he suffers from doubting himself and was wondering where he might find help. We as Christians need look no further than our Bibles. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on The Bible has many quotes that will help us in a time of... Continue Reading →

Today’s verse 2 Corinthians 5:18

Chrisitan are you seeking your purpose? I know what it is. So many people are trying to find their purpose. they are trying books and programs to come to the light; to finally have that A-HA moment that defines why they were put on earth. For us today's verse will finally quiet that stirring to... Continue Reading →

Finding your mission in your local envronment

Not all of us are called to be a missionary overseas. But we each have a mission field in our local environment. Some of the things we do in our daily lives around town are similar to what missionaries do overseas. Here is a really good article that breaks down how we can share the... Continue Reading →

The Impossibleness of You Purpose

Maybe it is time we quit asking ourselves and others—What is (your/ my) purpose? When we ask this we are setting ourselves up for overthinking. We also tend to get frustrated and think that God is calling everyone (else) to a grand purpose; yet, we don’t know ours! Why God? Why won’t you tell me... Continue Reading →

God is Calling YOU

We are all called to some kind of Ministry as believers in Christ Jesus. We have each been gifted and placed uniquely in this world, at this time, to carry the message in some way, and every small thing we do is BIG for the kingdom. Jesus told his disciples.. Matthew 28:19 New Living Translation... Continue Reading →


Guest blog by Don Woodruff Are we committed to finishing the Father's work? via WE CAN NEVER FINISH ANYTHING THAT WE NEVER START

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