Dialogue Questions: Success

Americans are success driven. That means different things to different people. Some people want success in all areas of life, while some just focus on a certain part of their lives. Today I want to hear from you all: What does success mean to you? Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

Dialogue Questions: Who is a Christian?

Today's dialogue question is taken directly from the Discerning Dad blog on Conformity. What areas of my life am I conforming to the world in? Will others know I am a Christian by my actions, why or why not? These are deep questions and I encourage you to participate in the discussion. Tim Ferrara's post... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Interpreting God’s Word to Fit Our Views

How do you interpret the Word of God? Why is it that so many people have varying opinions on the meaning of the text. I am a United Methodist. As you may know we are having a BIG discussion about what are the roles of homosexuals within our church. There are about 6 verses in... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: The Cost of Continued Independence

I originally had a different topic for today, but since this is a special day in the U.S. I thought I would ask about our independence. We are a country with a lot of strong opinions. Ad we do come close to total censorship at times regarding some of those opinions that are harmful to... Continue Reading →

How Big is your God and Where is God located?

The impressively huge galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+223, whose light took over 5 billion years to reach us, That is just how long the travel took by light!!!!    How many BILLIONS of miles away is it? God does not reside just above the earth and moon. More galaxies than can be connected and counted. Do you... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Lifting a Bad Mood

There is so much stress and broken relationships everywhere today. The news is harsh, the economy unsteady for workers to find sustainable employment... When a bad mood hits you... What do you do? Do you try to get into a better mood or do you sit in the negativity? If you try to get out... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: What changes are you making in your life for the better?

Where do you want to be tomorrow? next week? next month? by Fall? by 2020?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Do people still ask that in interviews with everyone job hopping these days?) We set goals. We set goals for summer bodies. We set goals for our careers. What are you goals... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Epic Failures

We all fail. Even the Big name stars fail. Everyone fails at times. What is your biggest failure? What went wrong? Is it/ was it correctable? Would you correct it now if you could? Let's be authentic with this one-- shall we? Let it rip. Until Next Time~ Blessings Kate

Dialogue Questions: Belief in God

Many people say they believe in God. But, do they act on it? I mean really live their lives like they believe and follow after God? What would all-out full belief in God look like in your life? What would you need to let go of?  embrace?  Chase after? Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

Dialogue Questions: What is your secret passion?

I have a passion that I do nothing about. I love the idea of learning more about it. I have a desire and an idea of how to get involved with it...but alas, it just sits in the back of y mind most months. By secret I mean-- not many know about it or you... Continue Reading →

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