Your Future Is In Safe Hands

Joy A. Mead

Your Future Is In Safe Hands.” I’m sure that is some insurance company’s slogan or at least it sounds like one! However, I’m not writing about insurance today but rather God’s assurance that He cares for us and our futures.

I recently had a catch up with a dear friend and although we’re in different seasons of life, God has beautifully blessed us with the opportunity to encourage each other in our unique circumstances.

At one point, my friend said, “Sometimes, it feels like God has forgotten about me. I see others moving along in their future plans, yet mine seem stuck at the moment. Are we unloved or forsaken? Sometimes, it just feels like we’re not really going anywhere.”

I think, at various times in our lives, we can all echo that sentiment of wondering if God is still with us and if He cares…

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New Post: Be Armed with God’s Grace And Light The World — Motivated And Free

Yes, this is a reblog-- but again it is a good one that I think you will enjoy!

Nothing Wasted

Nothing in your life is or will be wasted. God can use it all. Read this borrowed blog and be encouraged.

5 Minutes of Hope

Hey, Doug Dial here with two or three minutes of hope.

On the way to and from work I pass by a landfill that is filled with garbage, waste and rubbish. We throw away so much stuff. Most of us have several waste baskets throughout our homes and a garbage container or two outside the house.

How unlike God’s economy. He wastes nothing.

Let’s visit the scene of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, shall we?

When the disciples told Jesus to send the crowds away for food and lodging, Jesus replied, “You give them something to eat.”

Do you suppose He might have been looking Peter’s way?

Hold onto that thought.

You see, Jesus is all about seeing that His sheep are fed.

So, He takes what is available, (another sermon for another day) blesses it, breaks it and multitudes are fed. Afterward He admonishes the disciples…

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Our Life Circumstances Are Not Unique– Others Go Through This Too

God WILL see you through and then it will be used to glorify Him as you return the favor and help another person through the same thing down the road.

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