Prayer- everyone approves of; Truth & Jesus-not so much.

Today's passage is all about each of us; yet, I share how I do --and do not-- live it out myself. I have a long way to go on the one hand, and am ready to jump in on the other....but it may not be what you are thinking... 1 Timothy 2:1-6 NLT There is... Continue Reading →

Face It: Maybe You Just Haven’t Been Forgiven of Much

Have you ever noticed that there are many people on fire for God who tell of the HUGE sins they were saved from? I have another site that I have just begun which is addressing and explaining Christianity for seekers in very easy to understand (non-Christianese) terms. This week I will be addressing why we... Continue Reading →

Conviction: Checking My Contacts List

Wow!!! So I received a link on FB messenger to watch a 2 minute video. My first thought was " I don't have time for this. " But I thought I might as well, I had 2 minutes after all  + The last time this person sent one it was good. Then there was the... Continue Reading →

Today’s verse for the day from YouVersion fell at just the right time

In addition to yesterday's post...Saving People is Not Your Job I found it ironic that today's verse for the day was Joel 2:32 which states Then anyone who asks the Lord for help     will be saved. Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

Saving People is Not Your Job

There are some ( a lot ) of people who shy away from evangelism. They might be unsure of what they believe because of their own doubts. OR they are afraid the message will not be received well. But your job is not to save people. Acts 4:12 International Children’s Bible (ICB) 12 Jesus is the only... Continue Reading →

As Christians: The most important thing we can do with our time during covid 19

Today I came across this verse and thought it was beautiful. I believe it is speaking to each one of us. This is the verse as I found it without a reference to which version it came from: Isaiah 50:4 The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know... Continue Reading →

In a Pit? Run to God

There are so many people who are down and out. They have been overtaken by struggles, by their reality, by their past. People, like us, hurting and in despair. But there is one who knows how to reach us when we are low. That one is God and He is waiting to love us-- especially... Continue Reading →

It is time for Faith

Where does faith come from? Many people are disillusioned and have lost faith in everything. It is time to do our part to rectify that. The Bible says in Romans 10:17 New Living Translation (NLT) "17 So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ." And that news about Christ includes Hebrews... Continue Reading →

Don’t Keep Faith To Yourself

Last night I read a really good post by a popular blogger. She interacts in the entertainment community and is a Christian. She does so by showing , demonstrating, her different lifestyle of peace and joy. She does not want to be “in you face” about her beliefs. I guess Jesus was not either. He... Continue Reading →

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