Let’s Take a Look At Our Goals List

No need to give up on your goals for the year. We still have 10 months and 2 weeks. Grab that list and let's get back on track.

Guest Post: Believing with all your might

Sitting around thinking about what you wish for is not enough. Thinking you want to be rich will not put dollars in your bank account. When you really believe something you will act in accordance with it. I haven't had a guest post in a while, and I know this is the second time I've... Continue Reading →

Set a fire down in my soul

What is on your goals list? Is God? Today while I was praying, I felt nudged to add to my goals list. There are some things I have been asking God for lately, but they are not on the list I read a couple times a day. Why not? Well, I tend to think of... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: What changes are you making in your life for the better?

Where do you want to be tomorrow? next week? next month? by Fall? by 2020?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Do people still ask that in interviews with everyone job hopping these days?) We set goals. We set goals for summer bodies. We set goals for our careers. What are you goals... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: 2 Years Left?

How do we spend our time? Would it change if we knew our time on Earth was running out? Today I want to know: If you were told you have only 2 years left to live-- What would you continue to do? What would you add to your life? What would you change? This should... Continue Reading →

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