The Secret to Being Content

Contentment-- so many are without it! But it isn't rocket science. Here is the Apostle Paul's simple formula that we can all follow to have contentment.

Roses and thorns are both a part of life.

It's all about perspective. The list of the good will usually have us truly grateful for the life we have been given...even if the negative thorns are there as well. Look for the beauty of the roses.

Happiness vs. Joy

Happiness is great and all. I have been chasing it for years...but upon writing this post...I think I am going to choose joy going forward.

A very low day…with action came hope

Everyone gets them: days when we are just low, when we can't focus and just want to go back to bed. What helps? Sometimes we can't think of anything. But today, a thought came. When I acted on it = my day got better!

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