Christians are in the best position right now

Right now it seems to me we, as Christians, are in the best place possible through this covid 19 virus outbreak.

I’m not being flippant, but, should one of us die –we will go directly to heaven.

This is not a reason to be reckless and expose ourselves unnecessarily. We do need groceries and hygiene and cleaning supplies. Most of us need gasoline. Many of us need medicine. Yet, beyond that, we need to get in line with the authorities that recommend staying home.

We can socialize by phone or computer. We can attend 12step meetings by phone and online. We do not need to be isolated at this time. We are needing to reach out with effort. Texting won’t fill our social needs. Old fashioned calling,  new fashioned video conferencing are needed to keep in touch with those most isolated and living alone.

The self-affirmations “I am healthy, wealthy and wise.” ” I can beat this corona virus. ”  are based on hope in oneself…based on the idea that if I say it about me than I will have the power to make it real.

We as Christians have promises that have survived at least 2,000 years, sometimes hundreds more.

These are just a few promises we have. I personally have not counted, but I hear, there are over 360 times the Bible tells us not to fear. I encourage you to look these up. When something in the Bible is said once : it is good for teaching. How much more important is it when it is repeated twice or even 365 times.

Yes, we as Christians are in the best position right now. 

We are just as susceptible to covid 19 as our neighbors. It is just add dangerous to us and deadly in some cases. WE ARE NOT EXEMPT.

But we have the word of God to stand on and mediate in our hearts rather than wishful thinking that we are invincible. 

We obey authority. They say stay at home and stay safe and we do.

Then for our hearts we stand on our faith in Christ Jesus and our knowledge of the resurrection. We will go when it is our time and not before.

We stand on the word of God that he is always with us. And we dwell on these passages and others like them.

We put our thoughts on what is good, pure,lovely, right, true and blessed.

 “Be ye not as the world is, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Renewing= constantly re-doing our thoughts and patterns of thinking.

Yes, this virus had a mind and contagion of its own. All we can do is practice safety and dwell on our faith to stay away from debilitating worry.

We are in the best position for these times.

Until Next Time

Blessings, Kate

Troubling Times Devotion 03/26/20

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

It is that simple! Oh sure, nothing in life is simple. You must have faith. It is hard to have faith when times are tough. Though times try your faith. This is when it really counts.

It is easy to love and praise God during the good times in life.

But when your spouse is laying hands on you… when you can’t get out of your addiction no matter how hard you pray…when you’ve been a victim of something truly too much to handle…when you are forced into quarantine..these are the times to put your faith in the Almighty.

God is big enough to carry you through this difficulty.

He is here waiting to hear from you. He wants to carry your pain. It is never wasted when you pray.

I once heard a believer say our prayers are a beautiful aroma to God. For when we pray we show our personal weakness. We also show our belief in the strength of God to pull us through a situation to the other side.

A good prayer might be as short as “help !” It may be longer: “Lord I trust you. I surrender this situation to you. I know you are with me. Show me how to walk through this too the other side.”

Although some situations are one and done, the troubling instant still causes lingering disappointment. Other times, the disappointment is a case that it ongoing daily right in the center focus of your life.

Remember God is gracious! He  WILL see you through.

Trust him to handle this,to strengthen you to deal with the situation appropriately.

Now is not the time to go it alone. Lean on God.

Share your concerns, worries, and pain.

Go to God now in prayer.

Remind yourself throughout the day “I surrender this to God.” Then be looking out for God’s grace:

  • For listening and caring people
  • For a way to change the situation
  • For enough strength to get you through the day

Be safe and healthy during this time,


God’s Not Done With You

During this pandemic I think we forget sometimes that life is still going on for people outside. Loved ones are sick. Loved ones are dying of natural causes or tragedies “before their time”. Loved ones are addicted. People are homeless. Mental illness is ramped up right now. How will bills get paid? Who is telling the truth: federal government or local government about when this virus will go away?

Right now we need encouragement. While I can’t post the lyrics for this song of encouragement I can post a link to the song with lyrics included.

Until Next Time

Blessings, Kate

God’s Not Done With You by Tauren Wells

Christians we are being called upon RIGHT NOW

Today a prayer request came through my church prayer chain. A friend was asking for family prayers after losing her uncle last night who leaves behind several immediate family members.

As I offered up prayer I was overwhelmed by the fact/ insight that:

Right now heaven is being bombarded by prayers around the globe. Not only for this crisis but for all the already daily issues that need God’s wisdom and assistance.

Right now our God is weeping over all that we are walking through. He did not send us this crisis…but right now he can use us in it.

Right now, God is able to give ear and assistance to every prayer no matter how many go up in any given hour. His power is limitless.

Right now we are reminded Matthew 18:20 20For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

This is an awesome time for us to use our abundance of free time to take to our knees, to our prayer closets, to our chairs, to our rugs, to our silence…

We, RIGHT NOW, have a huge assignment to pray for life, for neighbors, for the vulnerable, for the lost, for the physicians, for sanity and wisdom.

Right now there is no shortage of issues and people to pray for. There never is… but for me this crisis makes it SO real.

If we have ever wondered what our calling is:

RIGHT NOW here it is

turn our worry time to faith time and use it to pray for others. Join our prayers together so that Christ may be ever present with us. Be the steady hands and feet for Christ as we are able. But in all circumstances and vulnerabilities we can ALWAYS pray for others, leaders, our families, wisdom, strength, guidance.

RIGHT NOW whenever the thought comes across your mind “what can/ should I do next”…that can automatically take you to prayer. There is never a limit on prayer because no matter how many prayers the world offers up….our God is on top of it.

If ever there was a time to come before the throne boldly…that time is right now.

Until Next Time,

Blessings, Kate

Just breathe; a Bible verse for meditating on

Psalm 25:4-5 New Living Translation (NLT)

Show me the right path, O Lord;
    point out the road for me to follow.
Lead me by your truth and teach me,
    for you are the God who saves me.
    All day long I put my hope in you.

Oh Wow!! Its still Lent, isn’t it?

french friesWhat a time to have given up processed carbs for Lent!

Ok, I have to admit that during all the news and changes in daily life I haven’t kept up my promise. Carbs are my downfall.

Is it too late to change what I want to give up? LOL

Safe in His Hand

This is a beautiful read for Christians during these stressful times with the virus spreading. Please enjoy and stay safe.

You Can Trust Him.

Proverbs 3_24(1)

Sovereign Ruler of the skies,
Ever gracious, ever wise,
All my times are in Your hand,
All events at Your command!

His decree, who formed the earth,
Fixed my first and second birth;
Parents, native place, and time,
All appointed were by Him.

He who formed me in the womb,
He shall guide me to the tomb.
All my times shall ever be,
Ordered by His wise decree!

Times of sickness, times of health;
Times of poverty, and of wealth;
Times of trial, and of grief,
Times of triumph, and relief.

Plagues and death around me fly;
Till He bids, I cannot die!
Not a single shaft can hit,
Till the God of love sees fit!

-John Ryland


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