Our Life Circumstances Are Not Unique– Others Go Through This Too

God WILL see you through and then it will be used to glorify Him as you return the favor and help another person through the same thing down the road.

You can change your mood!

We can spend years analyzing a negative emotion, why its there, where it came from...But the quickest resolve is to just change it. Read on...

The God of All Hope

Are you in a never ending tunnel of struggle? Keep holding on there is hope! Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash In today’s world, many people have lost all, or most of their hope. Do I really need to list all the many difficulties that we are dealing with? Take 3 minutes and think about,... Continue Reading →

To Get In A Happy Mood…

I read a post today which put me in a good mood. I am hoping where I go with this will spark some ideas in you-- all of you. chicoinematt  on The Simple Catholic wrote an article Gratitude is Our Oxygen  in which he states: "Thankfulness breeds kindness, productivity, and leads to reciprocity between individuals." There was a... Continue Reading →

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