Do you want to release self-doubt?

I recently read a blog post about self-doubt. In it the author said he suffers from doubting himself and was wondering where he might find help. We as Christians need look no further than our Bibles. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on The Bible has many quotes that will help us in a time of... Continue Reading →

The Bird Cure

Tonight I did an exercise that called for me to list EVERY single irritation that I have. The point is that each irritation builds on the next and creates anger altogether. I honestly didn't think I had many, but it turns out I do. The next step is to get victory over each one singularly,... Continue Reading →

To Get In A Happy Mood…

I read a post today which put me in a good mood. I am hoping where I go with this will spark some ideas in you-- all of you. chicoinematt  on The Simple Catholic wrote an article Gratitude is Our Oxygen  in which he states: "Thankfulness breeds kindness, productivity, and leads to reciprocity between individuals." There was a... Continue Reading →

When Life Gets Tough- How Do We Respond?

Every trial we face by the hands of an enemy is one step closer to what God wants us to look like. He is building a new person within us. This is only true if we let the circumstances mold us for the better. How many, many, times have crushing (devastating, severe, overwhelming, humiliating) circumstances... Continue Reading →

Today is about Perspective

December 25, 2018 I woke up today. Looking outside its cloudy but a pretty day. I am on the computer like any other day. The house is quiet. The day is like any other day. Later this afternoon I will be with friends and the day will be festive. Tonight I will bring leftovers to my adult... Continue Reading →

I Chose to be Offended

What? Who would choose to be offended? Everyone. We pick and choose what our values and beliefs are. Then when someone violates our values and beliefs, we get offended. But a huge part of being offended is our interpretation of what is happening, at the moment, when we get upset. I have noticed it is... Continue Reading →

In 20 Minutes I Do Not Have to Feel This

This big truth is a BIG danger for those of us who look elsewhere to escape pain, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and grief. In 20 minutes~ you could go to a club and get some attention In 20 minutes~ you could score on a corner or call your plug In 20 minutes~ most people have access... Continue Reading →

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