One man’s definition of peace…

A new take on something we are all in search of these days... The online dictionary defines peace as freedom from disturbance. So that defines the state of peace by what quality is missing. Below is a definition that embraces the concept eloquently. “Peace is simplicity of heart, serenity of mind, tranquility of soul, the... Continue Reading →

Keep Calm: God’s Got This

Pray and get some rest; God is handling what you are wrestling with... Why do we think constant attention to a subject is going to bring us an answer quicker. The truth, for most people, is while they believe they do their best thinking under pressure-- we, as Christians, cannot hear from Holy Spirit when... Continue Reading →

Guilt Calls for Accepting Forgiveness

Do you ever feel guilty for things you only guess and assume are an error?  I mean, have you ever said something and later thought it was stupid and you should have said something different? Has your child ever had a playground accident at school and you beat yourself up because you are not a... Continue Reading →

Depression: Are you hanging out in the negative room or in the positive room?

Wouldn't life be great if we could just go to another room whenever we feel negative? In this new room we would focus on and only feel good thoughts and feelings. Oh Wait... It is possible! Read on: I just read a piece about identifying our negative thoughts. I once tried to do this. Well... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Epic Failures

We all fail. Even the Big name stars fail. Everyone fails at times. What is your biggest failure? What went wrong? Is it/ was it correctable? Would you correct it now if you could? Let's be authentic with this one-- shall we? Let it rip. Until Next Time~ Blessings Kate

Dialogue Question: Contribution to Society

Some people spend their whole lives "giving back" to society...even people who have never taken from society. Do you feel it is necessary for everyone to give back and/ or contribute to society? Why/ Why not? What do you contribute? And why? (I have done a good amount of community work. I felt it was... Continue Reading →

Get Rid of Toxic People!

I know you feel defeated, but life is still going on and therefore there is still time for change. Are you surrounded by negative people talking behind your back or gossiping about others? DROP THEM like their hot. There is NO good that comes from keeping company with negative people. So, you think you will... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Happiness

Are people naturally happy?  Or is it like Abe Lincoln said "people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be" ? (Personally I have to work at it sometimes. I worked for years to reset my main mood from depression to relatively happy most of the time. Now I just monitor... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: 2 Years Left?

How do we spend our time? Would it change if we knew our time on Earth was running out? Today I want to know: If you were told you have only 2 years left to live-- What would you continue to do? What would you add to your life? What would you change? This should... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Your Success

We all have success' in life...some are big / some are small. They all count. But today I want to ask you about the success that meant the most to you. What was it? Why is it the most favored success in your life? Pleas share below. Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

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