A 2nd quote for 7/24/22

Dear friend, I do not know the nature of the adversity you are facing at this time. But I do know that if you will allow Him to, God will use this trial to deepen your faith in His faithfulness. He will reveal Himself to you in ways that are afforded Him only in times... Continue Reading →

Quotes to live by…..07/17/22

“No matter how battered, bruised, or even dead we may feel inside as a result of our struggle, Jesus is with us to raise us up into the newness of life. No matter how exhausted, broken or devasted we may feel, Jesus is present with us to restore us, heal us, and energize us."– Charles... Continue Reading →

Quotes to live by…..06/19/22

Juneteenth “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” —Fannie Lou Hamer Father's Day A strong father means a strong family. —Melvina Young

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