New Post: Be Armed with God’s Grace And Light The World — Motivated And Free

Yes, this is a reblog-- but again it is a good one that I think you will enjoy!

Challenges Used To Grow Us

Why God Why? When God When? We wonder why "these" things are happening to us. Maybe it is to grow us into the eternal priests we will be one day.

Copied Email From Phil Robertson

I Don’t Care What Despicable Things Celebrities Say — I’m Not for Canceling ANYONEWhy would I cancel the very people I want God to save?Phil RobertsonFeb 16Let me be very clear!Remember when I told you that the sentence above is politician code for, “I’m about to muddy the waters up a bit?”Well, as you may... Continue Reading →

What to do when you are beaten down

Are you beaten down, worn out, weak? Ya know, the enemy is really happy about that and here is what you can do to fight.

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