Christians are in the best position right now

Right now it seems to me we, as Christians, are in the best place possible through this covid 19 virus outbreak.

I’m not being flippant, but, should one of us die –we will go directly to heaven.

This is not a reason to be reckless and expose ourselves unnecessarily. We do need groceries and hygiene and cleaning supplies. Most of us need gasoline. Many of us need medicine. Yet, beyond that, we need to get in line with the authorities that recommend staying home.

We can socialize by phone or computer. We can attend 12step meetings by phone and online. We do not need to be isolated at this time. We are needing to reach out with effort. Texting won’t fill our social needs. Old fashioned calling,  new fashioned video conferencing are needed to keep in touch with those most isolated and living alone.

The self-affirmations “I am healthy, wealthy and wise.” ” I can beat this corona virus. ”  are based on hope in oneself…based on the idea that if I say it about me than I will have the power to make it real.

We as Christians have promises that have survived at least 2,000 years, sometimes hundreds more.

These are just a few promises we have. I personally have not counted, but I hear, there are over 360 times the Bible tells us not to fear. I encourage you to look these up. When something in the Bible is said once : it is good for teaching. How much more important is it when it is repeated twice or even 365 times.

Yes, we as Christians are in the best position right now. 

We are just as susceptible to covid 19 as our neighbors. It is just add dangerous to us and deadly in some cases. WE ARE NOT EXEMPT.

But we have the word of God to stand on and mediate in our hearts rather than wishful thinking that we are invincible. 

We obey authority. They say stay at home and stay safe and we do.

Then for our hearts we stand on our faith in Christ Jesus and our knowledge of the resurrection. We will go when it is our time and not before.

We stand on the word of God that he is always with us. And we dwell on these passages and others like them.

We put our thoughts on what is good, pure,lovely, right, true and blessed.

 “Be ye not as the world is, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Renewing= constantly re-doing our thoughts and patterns of thinking.

Yes, this virus had a mind and contagion of its own. All we can do is practice safety and dwell on our faith to stay away from debilitating worry.

We are in the best position for these times.

Until Next Time

Blessings, Kate


5 thoughts on “Christians are in the best position right now

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  1. What an awesome post 🙏🏿. God is with us. This is a promise He has made unto us. This is our time to let the light of Christ shine in us. There are so many healthcare workers whose life are on the line but we must continue to lift them up in our prayers. I love you also made it clear that we are not exempt from this virus but we need take instructions. That’s right Kate! So many people are still wandering around and going about their business without having an care in the world. The virus is not a joke but so is our God. We have the word of the Lord. This is our weapon. May God cover you and your family/loved ones 😊

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    1. Karen your words are spot on. There are so many in the front lines that need our prayers and support. The best way we can support them is by not catching this and straining the system further. I love in a state where things are shut down but one of our border states still had restaurants open. Our Governor has asked us not to go there to go out to eat and possibly bring the virus back from states not taking precautions. We need wisdom and faith now. Be blessed and be safe

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  2. Hi Kate, I just enjoyed your guest post on Collene’s Rest & Chaos blog. Lovely post about God providing even when you hadn’t mentioned your specific needs! Thanks for sharing this post too. We do not need to let fear infiltrate our lives. With God’s wisdom, we can keep trusting him throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Our time has always been in His hands. Blessings! ❤️

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