Dialogue Questions: What is your secret passion?

I have a passion that I do nothing about. I love the idea of learning more about it. I have a desire and an idea of how to get involved with it…but alas, it just sits in the back of y mind most months.

By secret I mean– not many know about it or you do not involve yourself in it much.

So what is YOUR secret passion?

hobbies 1        hobbies 8                                                hobbies 4            hobbies 6

Why is it a secret?

Why don’t you involve yourself more often or publicly?

My secret passion is Palestine.     palestine
I love learning about it. I was obsessed with the talks between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in the early 90’s. One day I would like to go to Ramallah and write a book about daily life their for women, and if possible, Christian women in particular. One day I want to see a separate state for Palestinians so they will no longer be refugees but have legal rights to a homeland.

SO that is mine.

What is yours?
          *  Do you have a hobby you love but don’t get to?
          *  Is there a place you are dying to go see?
          *  Do you secretly love reading Artemis Fowl books?
          *  Is there a cause close to your heart that you just haven’t gotten involved in?
          *  Do you love to ride Harleys but only get to when you wife is out of town?
          *  Do you long to be a photo journalist, but haven’t bought any equipment?

Please let me know. I am so curious.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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