Ode to Jesus

Sweet sweet JesusYou're my one and only Savior... I turn to the idols of the worldbut they do not compare to you. Forgive my feeble attempts tosatisfy my soul in the world... My soul can only find satisfaction in youYou are my redeemer and my strength. What you ask of me is TOO much for... Continue Reading →

It is time for Faith

Where does faith come from? Many people are disillusioned and have lost faith in everything. It is time to do our part to rectify that. The Bible says in Romans 10:17 New Living Translation (NLT) "17 So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ." And that news about Christ includes Hebrews... Continue Reading →

Set a fire down in my soul

What is on your goals list? Is God? Today while I was praying, I felt nudged to add to my goals list. There are some things I have been asking God for lately, but they are not on the list I read a couple times a day. Why not? Well, I tend to think of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Keep Faith To Yourself

Last night I read a really good post by a popular blogger. She interacts in the entertainment community and is a Christian. She does so by showing , demonstrating, her different lifestyle of peace and joy. She does not want to be “in you face” about her beliefs. I guess Jesus was not either. He... Continue Reading →

God is Calling YOU

We are all called to some kind of Ministry as believers in Christ Jesus. We have each been gifted and placed uniquely in this world, at this time, to carry the message in some way, and every small thing we do is BIG for the kingdom. Jesus told his disciples.. Matthew 28:19 New Living Translation... Continue Reading →

If You Want To See It—Believe It

  In the book of John, in the Bible, verse 11:40 Jesus responded, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?” The above verse is taken from the passage about Lazarus dying: John 11: 1-45. Jesus said in verse 4 that Lazarus would not die from his illness. Yet Lazarus... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Questions: Epic Failures

We all fail. Even the Big name stars fail. Everyone fails at times. What is your biggest failure? What went wrong? Is it/ was it correctable? Would you correct it now if you could? Let's be authentic with this one-- shall we? Let it rip. Until Next Time~ Blessings Kate

Discouraged? Focus on God’s Word

My discouragement is a choice right now. It doesn’t feel like it but I have read enough self-help books and articles to know that it IS a choice. Something painful to accept happened yesterday. I do not like it one bit. But people are allowed to make their own choices. Then I get to CHOOSE... Continue Reading →

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