Temptation: there really is a way out- always.

Temptations are not meant to destroy you. “We all experience times of testing, which is normal for every human being. But God will be faithful to you. He will screen and filter the severity, nature, and timing of every test or trial you face so that you can bear it. And each test is an... Continue Reading →

Trust God

God is not asking you to figure it out. God is asking you to trust that He already has: Toby Mac. The things you can control: Your emotional response The amount of effort you put out The amount of faith you have Things you cannot control: The economyThe time of your death The weather ANYTHING when... Continue Reading →

Let others pray for you- do not give up

Do not quit. Let others pray for you. God will make a way through what you are experiencing. This too shall pass.Kate In my lifetime, 51 years, nine friends have chosen to end their lives. In the thick of it, they believed they would never make it through their circumstances. I realize, how much, my... Continue Reading →

Thank God I’m not drinking these days

via Thank God I'm not drinking these days Here are just 10 reasons I'm personally glad I'm not drinking anymore. The link goes to my other blog where this post was put up earlier in the week. Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

Troubling Times Devotion 03/26/20

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.1 Peter 5:7 (NLT) It is that simple! Oh sure, nothing in life is simple. You must have faith. It is hard to have faith when times are tough. Though times try your faith. This is when it really counts. It is easy... Continue Reading →

God’s Not Done With You

During this pandemic I think we forget sometimes that life is still going on for people outside. Loved ones are sick. Loved ones are dying of natural causes or tragedies "before their time". Loved ones are addicted. People are homeless. Mental illness is ramped up right now. How will bills get paid? Who is telling... Continue Reading →

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