Dialogue Questions: Self Worth

We get our self-esteem from a variety of places. Where do you derive yours from? What is the biggest influence on your self view? How has your self-esteem changed over the years? Looking fwd to reading your replies. Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate

If You Can Believe

Guest post from He Has You. A further take on prayer for us. I hope you enjoy. ~ Kate

He Has You

I am most blessed to be the son of parents who are intercessors and believe in the power of God. In our family we pray much for each other and in so doing are blessed of God with all the answered prayers. We serve a mighty Lord Jesus!

This last week my father called and told me about yet another miracle in an answered prayer. It seems in my family that miracles are commonplace. If you can believe, nothing will seem impossible to you. “Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes'” (Mark 9:23).

When you consider what you may leave to your friends or family, nothing has greater value than your faith in Christ. When your children and grandchildren see how much you believe, that is the legacy that you are leaving for them.

Your faith will never lose value but…

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What Do You Pray For Concerning Yourself?

What Do You Pray For Concerning Yourself? Why do we struggle? Let’s ask God – the giver of all good things—to intervene in our lives. I was listening to a Dr. Cindy Trimm video a few months back. She had an interesting list of things to pray for --for ourselves. I would like to share... Continue Reading →

Well Meaning But Not Necessarily Well Received

I just said something that came off as shallow, even though there was a lot of truth in it. A friend who is struggling with depression was sharing with me, and I found myself trying to be encouraging-- but maybe that isn’t what she needed. Maybe, at that moment, she just needed to be heard.... Continue Reading →

Freedom to Choose

I am going out on a vulnerable limb here… I am an alcoholic. Not a practicing one, but an alcoholic with the switch OFF at this moment. Why would you tell us that, Kate? Well because I want to be real and authentic. I also want to be relatable. I also tell you because that... Continue Reading →

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