Do you want to release self-doubt?

I recently read a blog post about self-doubt. In it the author said he suffers from doubting himself and was wondering where he might find help. We as Christians need look no further than our Bibles. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on The Bible has many quotes that will help us in a time of... Continue Reading →

Changing my behavior may change my mood and those around me. (A post just for me.)

How's your mood been lately? And what could be driving that? Here you learn about that in regards to me.

Your subscriptions: both social and living habits

Every habit in our lives is something we have subscribed to. We have signed up for it. Maybe it is time to go through and delete a few.

When Fear Strikes

We automatically react quickly to fear. Here is what we can do when it is a little fear or none at all....with practice it will become second nature when the big fear hits.

Setting Goals- Don’t Rush Your Performance

I will set my goal. That was the foundational point one evening at VBS. We discussed how Lebron James once had a goal to make 80% of his free throws. He did achieve 78% one season. In our class, the boys got to make free throws into a basket. The boys, L & C, are... Continue Reading →

Depressed? Here is something to read…

Pop psychology helps us only as long as it it before our eyes or in our ears. It is great to say "I am a beast" , "I am crushing it",  "I am having a great day".  But there are days we just do not and cannot believe it. Here are some blogs that help... Continue Reading →

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