Prayer- everyone approves of; Truth & Jesus-not so much.

Today's passage is all about each of us; yet, I share how I do --and do not-- live it out myself. I have a long way to go on the one hand, and am ready to jump in on the other....but it may not be what you are thinking... 1 Timothy 2:1-6 NLT There is... Continue Reading →

Changing my behavior may change my mood and those around me. (A post just for me.)

How's your mood been lately? And what could be driving that? Here you learn about that in regards to me.

Chasing, striving, rush, pressure, hurry!

What a way to start my morning! UGH- and to think it does this everyday unconsciously in rapid succession. The alarm went off at 5 as usual. But I laid there and dozed until after 6am. I eventually got up and did a couple things and sat down to start my day before my 6:30... Continue Reading →

Iron Sharpens Iron: as people sharpen each other

One thing we know we are missing right now is fellowship! I have been thinking A LOT lately about how lonely I seem to be. I am an introvert so I believe I managed COVID loneliness much better than some of the population. After all, I still go to work 12 hours a week =3... Continue Reading →

Day 2 Quarantine

Yesterday I was told that a friend I had volunteered with was called late Sunday night by the Health Dept to be told she was positive for COVID. We had actually served three times in the last 5 days, and although we were masked and gloved...we were in within 1-2 feet from each other at... Continue Reading →

Just for fun

whomever chooses my last meal-- make it Meixcan. The last thing I ate the night before delivering Malcolm was Mexican. My last meal out, today (before having my all my upper teeth removed Thursday) was Mexican with Lori (thank you LO LO). I see a pattern here. Last meal = Mexicancoming soon "An Ode to... Continue Reading →

Context, Context, Context

I have been thinking about how I use and interpret scripture.  I have been listening to a YouTube personality Chris Rosebrough. His channel is called Fighting For the Faith. The description reads: Fighting for the Faith compares what popular pastors, preachers, teachers, conference speakers, self-proclaimed prophets and prophetesses and self-appointed apostles and apostles say to... Continue Reading →

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