You Are Meant For Greatness- Don’t Settle

Destined for greatness? It’s a waste without application. 

Think about it. 

How many children show real potential but settle for life below wonderful? Maybe they get stuck in a minimum wage job with no possibility of promotion. Before they know it they turn around and their chances for improvement in quality seem limited.  They are gonna have to go for it and quit playing and wasting time/life. 

For others, maybe an unplanned child came along, maybe a death in the family too soon, maybe an addiction that won’t just let them walk away.  And, there are plenty of people without such troubles that settle for the status quo.  They never rise above the masses- they just strive to hit the median. 

Potential is wasted without application. 

Today you are destined to be who you choose to be. 

We have heard the stories of immigrants who have come to the United States and worked their way into massive success.  We have heard of the impoverished becoming valuable inventors. 

Life doesn’t have to be all neon signs. 

Today you have a choice over your attitude. 

Maybe your circumstances can’t change by sundown.  Ok.  What I know for sure is you can choose the next best emotion you can get to. If happiness is a far stretch- try helpful, inspired, caring, heck try neutral.  Call it boredom rather than depression.  Call it miffed instead of furious.  Call it bummed rather than sad.  Your words determine the degree of emotional feeling within you. 

Make a choice today to be in alignment with your destiny at being the best version of you possible.

Take steps towards your goals and towards the best life possible!

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


2 thoughts on “You Are Meant For Greatness- Don’t Settle

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  1. Wise lesson! I hope that my grandchildren will appreciate a strong work ethic and following their dreams. Most importantly, may they trust in faith follow a God who will encourage them to seek tomorrow’s hope.

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