“Relieve Me of This!”

2 Corinthians 12:8-9  But I must not become too proud of the wonderful things that were shown to me.  This problem is a messenger from Satan.  It is sent to beat me and keep me from being too proud.  I begged the Lord three times to take this problem away from me.  But the Lord said to me “My grace is enough for you.  When you are weak then my power is made perfect in you” so I am happy to brag about my weaknesses.  Then Christ’s power can live in me. 

Perhaps you have been crying out to the Lord “relieve me of this”. Yet the issue remains.  It saddens you and breaks your heart.  I am going to assume you have already taken the steps that you can to resolve things.  You have prayed, sought counsel, and taken action.  Yet here you are. 

Perhaps today God is declaring to you that his grace is sufficient to sustain you in weakness. 

It is only when we admit that we cannot help ourselves any further that God can step in and say “Finally, you are giving me a chance to carry you through “this” by my might and power”.

Our weakness glorifies his ability to care for us.  We then become walking billboards for God.  Others see what we struggle with and then see how we are getting through with our integrity in tack. 

Life is tough.  We all have moments of breakdowns.  Hopefully, most are private and with trusted friends. We were never meant to get through life on a steady high plain without lows. How can we? There is darkness in this world and there are human flaws. 

No two rose bushes are the same.  Their beauty is unique and their thorns are too.  God is the perfect gardener.  He will tend to us with love and care. 

Turn over what you’re going through and let Christ’s power come and sustain you today. 

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Julian Paolo Dayag on Unsplash



4 thoughts on ““Relieve Me of This!”

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  1. Jesus humbled himself, but we disciples still have a great issue with that concept in personal terms. Our cultures scream elevation of self, and we are influenced by our culture. Dying to self is most difficult, as Paul attests. Thanks for your post.

    Jesus wasn’t milk-toast, so to say, nor did he lack the most truest, healthy self-awareness. We have a Father who refuses to allow our weakest link to be our greatest problem, and God loves us through the process. Just when I think I’m making progress, God allows me to learn that in this life it never ends.

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    1. GREGORY!!! My dear friend!!
      SO good of you to drop by! I pray all is well for you and your wife. May this holiday restore to you a refreshed Spirit as the Lord appears again ever new to offer us the promise of the hope we stand firm on.


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