Leave Your Anxiety at the Throne of Grace

Ps 55:22  So here’s what I’ve learned through it all: leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord, and measureless grace will strengthen you. 

Aren’t you tired of carrying these burdens by yourself?

What good is it doing you? 

Even if by some reason you are stoic by nature- carrying your anxieties by yourself is anti-scriptural.  We were born to depend on the Father.  He never intended for us to be alone.  Even in the garden we as humans were not left alone.  God was walking with us daily.  And when we needed human companionship God created it for us. 

Maybe not everyone around us should be let into our struggles because of their lack of interest, care and compassion.  But yet God is here right now to lift your burdens and deal with our anxieties. 

By His grace you have been saved.  And not for a pitiful life.  His ultimate goal for your life is good. 

The comfort with which he comforts you now- you will be able to comfort others.  That is a promise! God’s word does not ever return to Him void.  It goes out and produces that which was intended.  “So is my work that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11). 

We have a wonderful loving God who always takes us in and comforts us.  Our part is to be open, honest, vulnerable. 

Lay it out before the Lord. 

Ask and thank him for his guidance, care, and compassion. 

Then look for all God’s blessings.   

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate



2 thoughts on “Leave Your Anxiety at the Throne of Grace

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    1. One moment can change things. And I have plenty of moments to center myself on His goodness and grace. I just need the discipline to do it more regularly so I will think on it and access it when I need it most.


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