God on a Cross

How desperate must God have been to come to earth and get up on a cross, Himself, to redeem humanity and allow us to be with Him for all eternity!

God desperate? Sounds sacrilegious!

Perhaps determined is the word I am searching for!

Ya know He tried everything else! He gave us a beautiful garden…we disobeyed. He flooded the earth to start over and still we got it wrong. He rescued the Hebrews from slavery and they built idols and begged to return to Egypt. He gave us commands. We broke them. He gave us sacrifices to preform and yet we continued to turn away. He sent the Israelites into captivity, preformed miracles with Daniel. Let everyone who wanted return and rebuild Jerusalem. And still the struggles with humanity continued through the generations, the judges, the prophets.

Jesus. God incarnate. Humbling Himself to become as one of us. To live this life and show us how we should be living, how we should focus. And ultimately, He came to pay the price which would set us free once and for all.

And yet, as humanity, we still get it wrong.

We refuse to accept what has been freely given.

We complicate it. We run to other philosophies and world views to supplement what we have been taught.

We suffer in guilt, shame, and remorse– what happened to forgiveness?

It is done! He has made the clear– and easy– way for us to be reconciled to Him. We faithfully accept, trust, and believe in Jesus the Christ and the salvation He offers through His death and resurrection. It is available to us all, for now and ever more.

So why do we turn away? Why do we complicate it and make up rules and measuring sticks? God certainly doesn’t need our frail & faulty ideas.

It has been done. God got up on the cross. He settled eternity once and for all. He has the victory we just need to align ourselves with Him and His will.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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