The World is Watching

AN interesting update on how we are treating our homeless while helping others elsewhere who also need it.

A Homeless Life

The world is watching the war in Ukraine unfold graphically on our TV’s, Cellphones and tablets.

The world is watching the homeless loose all their possessions over YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in LA. City workers putting everything in the trash trucks saying “we’re only doing our job”. The city is cleaning up the homelessness out there more then once but, more devastating to watch it on InvisiblePeople.TV. A true and heart wrenching interview with the ones loosing their homes as the city makes way for opening day in the ballpark, the ballpark.

The world is watching Tennessee that just passed a bill, waiting on Governor Lee’s desk, that makes camping on state property a felony. A felony for trying to survive. There aren’t enough shelter beds for the estimated number of homeless in Nashville. The city wants to attract a super bowl so they’ll need a bigger stadium costing billions.

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  1. I read this after worshipping, and was disgusted by the realization I’m going to my local family’s for Easter with a bunch of folks who think that homelessness is the fault of the homeless, those who are disabled and poor are parasites. Yes, they claim to be Christians, but in despising the poor and mistreatment of the least of these, they announce to the world that while Jesus rose from the dead, these folks are dead inside. They are proud of their bigotry.
    I went to “a homeless life”, and am more convinced then ever to stop guarding the dignity of those who smear the world around within the congregations.

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  2. I’m sorry you are going through this – especially with family. We see it a lot. Religious people willing to pray but not to contribute for fear they are enabling. It is sad that we can see homeless half the world away and our hearts break. But we see homeless in our own town and we are hard hearted.


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