Journal Prompts – Week Two

Week two of Shell Vera’s journal prompts. I will post these weekly for those of us looking to do some creative output casually.

Shell Vera

We made it to week two of 2022. How has it been for you? I have had a wonderful week with eye-opening conversations and events, joy-filled moments, and a ton of organization and preparation for this year! There have been moments of complete exhaustion because of all the things going on in my mind, but I’ve embraced that as part of my personality, so I am learning to make idea lists and move on until I am ready to explore new ideas and activities.

As promised, each Sunday I will post prompts for journaling. They will be a mix of creative, reflective, and other prompts based upon what’s going on in my head for the week. Some weeks, they will turn into posts in the future, other times they are just things that floated through my mind that I journaled about or thought would be fun to write about so…

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