Journal Prompts – Week One — Shell Vera

Week One Journal Prompts are here for 2022. Each Sunday, I will release 4 prompts. Feel free to tag me or backlink so I can see what you come up with if you do the creative writing prompts!

Journal Prompts – Week One — Shell Vera

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    1. Good evening Zelda! There are no special instructions. Just start answering the question with whatever comes to mind. I noticed on the personal ones… the first one I made a bullet list. They are my go to. But I’m actually working on writing the conversation out for the second prompt.
      Shell Vera is a fellow blogger here on WP. She is also my writing coach helping me to find my voice and be more aligned and authentic.
      For the conversation one you could write as if you are talking to a dear friend

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  1. I’m just seeing this from this account, which is weird because I thought we’d had a convo here but perhaps it was on my other account?? Anyway, thanks so much Kate for sharing this.

    Zelda’s questions show me that I should go back and edit and share some “instructions” in case others stop by. I’ll take care of that this week. I didn’t even think of it but I’d love for people to do them and enjoy writing or microblogging them on social. I love to see how different people respond to the same prompt!

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