Is the enemy winning?

That fight with your daughter- was not a fight with her.
That struggle with your finances- is not about money.
Those flashbacks to bad mistakes you made- are not your mind’s fault.

We do not wrestle flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12).

Boy, but it sure seems like it!

How often we forget (hourly, every 30 minutes, etc.) that at the root of our trials is an enemy that seeks to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). He longs to rile us up and get us into an ungodly emotional state– any ungodly emotional state.

Every minute we are distressed is a moment we have turned away our trust from God. We have taken everything into our own hands and responsibility. We see things only as they are, right in front of us, from our own perspective.

My guess is when you do this it takes a while to disengage these negative emotions and shake them off. In fact, many times we let our feelings get carried over into our very next encounter with someone else…anyone will do.

So, we snap at our family carrying over our frustrations from work. We cut our call, to a friend in need, because we are too preoccupied about a bill that isn’t even due ’til next month.

It takes practice to turn situations over to God and to surrender our attitude to His Holy will at all times. It just isn’t going to happen 24/7. But one thing will help: Remember that there is ALWAYS the possibility to view our situations from more than one perspective.

I’m not saying that when a Prius cuts you of in traffic that it is Satan every time.

What I am saying is that it is within our control how long we’re going to give the devil what he desires. It is not God who wants us sad, angry, stressed, disturbed, jealous, or coveting.

There are skills that are easily accessible online to learn how to adjust your emotions in a timely manner. The goal is to disengage and get a calmer, more peaceful, well-rounded perspective.

listening to music   or
repeating praise lyrics in your mind.

Stay away from:
journaling — unless it is to see another perspective. Do not just write down your side and further get upset.
(same with) venting to someone
 These activities just further embed your own view of the situation and further stir up & increase the same emotions…only do these activities if your goal is to HONESTLY see the situation from a healthier perspective asking how it might be viewed from a different angle.

Try to get in the habit of asking yourself: Who is winning when I am in this mood?

When you are in a bad state:
you are not winning,
God is not winning.
The enemy is winning.

(Even if you feel justified and self -righteous, you are not winning because you are in a broken state with another person.)

Remember- ask:   Who is winning right now? How can I change my emotions and attitude right now?

Until Next Time –
Blessings, Kate


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