How to hear from God

Oh! to be led by the Holy Spirit!  Isn’t that what you want? Wouldn’t that make life easier? I certainly think so.  

SO how come so many people are asking how it is done? (Hey, and I am sometimes one of them) We all get to places where/ when we need to hear from God. We long for His guidance in both the good and the bad things that happen to us along the way in life.

The ideas here are not revolutionary…they are reminders of the things we can do to make hearing from God easier to practice so His promptings are easier to follow when we need them. We can hear from God…

we are promised it: 

Isaiah 58:11 NIV 
11 The Lord will guide you always; 

Psalm 48:14 NIV 
14 For this God is our God for ever and ever; 
    he will be our guide even to the end. 

John 16:13 NIV 
13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 

Romans 8:14 NIV 
14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 

We must walk in that truth by faith 

Because for 1) We must believe we are going to receive this guidance or we will not be on the lookout for it. 

And 2) the guidance we receive is going to demand the exercise of faith to carry it out. Remember, too, without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 6:6) let alone to follow where He leads. 

Noah had to have faith to build an ark when there had been no rain. Abraham had to have faith when he was told to pick up and go to a land God would eventually show him.  

Often times, most times, we are not given the final picture.  

Think of Mary. She was told her son would be the savior, the child of God, the Most High. That kept her going when the king tried to kill all the babies and Mary & Joseph had to flee to Egypt. And while Jesus was dying on the cross, I’m sure that isn’t what Mary expected. But she was not shown the whole story.  

Today you may be going through something you do not understand. Maybe you feel God led you to this place but you can’t imagine why; so, you start to doubt you ever heard from God in the first place. Or, maybe, you’re in a mess because you, or someone close to you, made some choices based on self-will that have turned out badly. 

Either way God can still guide you through this time of uncertainty. He can lead you in your proper response and give you the strength and power to carry that out. He can lead you in the next step to take; — one you might not be able to see with your current perspective. 

There are various ways to hear from the Spirit of God:

1) by opening our minds to the deep truths in scripture 
2) by circumstances and surroundings of our daily life 
3) by counsel of others 
4) by deep inward conviction- which will increase as we wait upon Him in prayer and readiness to obey. 

The Spirit guides us in such a manner as to expect us (demand of us) to use our best judgement. 

When there is counsel, instruction and teaching we need to study and pay attention- requiring us to listen attentively, study the Word diligently, and learn patiently the lessons He would teach us. 

Are you not hearing from God? See if any of these are standing in your way: 

1) not diligently studying God’s Word and seeking to be filled with its truths and principles; neglecting the cultivation of the mind and heart in the school of Christ and thereby missing divine guidance 
2) not humbly accepting daily providences, circumstances and conditions of everyday life as part of God’s present plan for you 
3) being unteachable and unwilling to receive instructions from other Christians 
4) not being patient to wait on God and listen to the inner leadings of the Holy Spirit 
5) being self-willed and wanting your own way 
6) letting fear and unbelief take over 
7) not taking everything promptly to God in prayer 
8) being impatient and acting hastily…some of God’s plans unfold slowly 

Whether life is going well for you or is disappointing- we all need to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance in order to have the best life possible. 

Today, take your life in prayer to God. In faith believe you will be guided then be on alert for His promptings. 

Life can always get better with God. 

Until Next Time~ 
Blessings, Kate 


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