Are you running? Stop a moment.

The Lord comes to us all.

God almighty Himself stoops low and scoops us up in His metaphorical right hand. He see us where we are at……..lost and far away.

Life comes at us and rarely stops. WE have to be in charge of stopping it. WE have to control our thoughts. (Have you noticed- While MANY people tell us this– it is INCREDIBLY hard to do)

We are running.

Some of us are running “the rat race…tons of us blurring into a hoard of worker-bees trying to rise to a level up, to some situation better than where we are currently.

Some of us are running from our past. Day in day out our thoughts are interspersed with old images that make us cringe. Things we cannot change but so- so wish we could take away– or for goodness sake at least set straight and smooth out –even after all these years.

Some of us are running in place from out present that we are trapped in. We cannot stand this life; but, we hold on for another day hoping that something will give– ….somehow……. miraculously.

At the end of the day, we may remain uncertain, hopeful, distracted, disappointed, concerned, confused…but not at peace.

God steps in.

Isaiah 41:9 ICB
You were far away on the earth.
    I called you from a faraway country.
I said, ‘You are my servants.’
    I have chosen you, and I have not turned against you.


Just stop


Right now…. it is ok

Breathe again and let it sink in.

He is with you right now. He has come here to where you are. He is here with you now. He loves and adores you. He has chosen you. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS ULTIMATELY. Your eternal life and security.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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