A prayer for today

Lord God of the rising Son
take away my difficulties
the ones that keep me from praying to you.

You art Holy above reproach.
Nothing I can say or do will ever compare
with your radiating love for me.

Treat me today with the grace and mercy you promise me,
I so need your love and guidance in everything I do.
You are worthy of my praise and adoration–
not to forget my obedience as well.

Today I lift up my heart and declare the
glories you bestow on me.
My lips will tell of the stories of all that you have done for me.
I will share this news with at least one other person

Instead of complaining today
I will relax in the knowledge that I am blessed.
I need not fear for you are with me.
You have given me your peace.

You will see me through every up and every down.
I will hold to the fact that you will work it out for me–
for my good I pray,
Be with me now.

I lift my eyes to you, oh Lord.
Show me the way to live
to live rightly in alignment with your will.
May I want this more than my own plans.

Thank you.
In my humble love

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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