Hope is what moves us forward even if happy doesn’t even glimmer on the horizon.

LA from Waking up on the wrong side of 50

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  1. Yes, that is the living hope active in myself. This grace allows me to willing see I can persevere no matter how dark it is outside my person. It functions as a practical result of my faith in God, per Scripture, Bible study, experience.
    I suffer from organic mono-polar Depression, and sometimes the meds don’t take the edge off even.
    I dig the comment and the pic. Thanks sister.
    your other brother,

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    1. Gregory– so good to hear from you! I miss catching up. I am diagnosed bi-polar but would like a new evaluation since I have only been in mania once and hypo mania a handful of times. I feel there are meds I could take that they are in fear would trigger mania — but maybe not. This quote got me to thinking a whole lot about hope. I am thinking of writing an article on hope. I am wrestling with it from different angles as I can’t stand the easy answers I am finding. LOL For people with depression it is not easy to maintain a lifestyle of hope. God bless you my friend.

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      1. Here’s a thought. I’m reviewing basics of the Christian faith, that which is universal essentials from Jesus’ teachings and establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth through tomorrow. Well, until tomorrow is the last today. Anyway…

        When examining the works and will of God, we can see at least 3 perspectives. The format we find in the Bible for revealing God’s activity can be described involving: The Father being the source, The Son being the achiever, The Spirit being the enabler. We also live in the tension of the “yes” and “not yet” of our sanctification, our salvation, the Kingdom of God, and so much more. One of these days I will not have all my old-nature luggage I carry around, for example. Yet I am truly a new creation now. Hmmm.

        So our hope has at least 3 perspectives to it, and probably more but we’ll let God keep doing the self-revelation to us.

        There is a great series of commercials airing on broadcast television (we pick it up with modern “rabbit ears”), where the point is made plainly that a lot of the things folks say to people suffering from Clinical Depression doesn’t work, isn’t helpful, less than worthless in some cases.

        That is a good reason for us to take seriously the charge that we should lift up one another, encourage one another, as we are told throughout the Epistles. It charges my batteries to encourage others prayerfully.

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