Your subscriptions: both social and living habits

Do you ever just get an urge to go through your subscriptions and delete, delete, delete?

Maybe you get tired of seeing posts from JimBob. A couple seemed great but now– you can’t get with what he is saying…he is going to far.

Maybe Sally Sue started out on fire (but like me) she has dropped off a lot and so the thought comes “why keep her on my endless list?”

Did Dominique say something really offensive– but you didn’t delete his subscription and you cringe every time it shows up?….or….Maybe you keep it just to keep an eye on him for curiosity sake.

I got into the mood today to delete.

I spent a week in the hospital last week and when I got home there were over 200+ emails in my box. Time to delete junk mail that on a daily basis I tolerate and just delete. But today was the day I hastily went through and unsubscribed to get rid of that junk and those news bulletins I never read. Sure it sounds great to receive Washington Post emails….but I think I have read 2 out of all the daily ones in the last 6 months.

I got to one blog that I have tried and tried to unsubscribe from. There is nothing wrong with the blog. I’m sure it brings inspiration and direction to many people. But I am tired (me personally) reading blog posts that are ALWAYS a list of 5 this and 10 that. I end up scrolling to read the numbered titles and skip the paragraphs of writing she went to all the trouble of writing.

The problem is when I try to unsubscribe it takes me to a WordPress page to locate it in my blogs to delete the subscription…..only I didn’t subscribe on WordPress. I subscribed by email a few years before I joined WP. Since I am now on WP– the unsubscribe button recognizes me and always takes me to my list where her blog is not listed.

Ever been there?

You just want to stop something and no matter how much you try— it just can’t be done (or in this case undone).

Sure, this example of our social subscriptions is relatively harmless in almost all cases.

But what about our subscriptions to habits in our lives? We sign up for things, little things that we do once. It seems ok. Before we know it we indulge again. Time passes and we do it again…after all — most likely we think we are not hurting anyone– or we wouldn’t keep doing it.

The google internet dictionary lists one definition of subscribe as: express or feel agreement with (an idea or proposal).

Isn’t that why we clear out our social media accounts we no longer want to follow….we no longer are in an agreement with what is coming from that account. Maybe we have too many irons in the fire and have to make choices, narrow down subscriptions so we do not get, or stay, overloaded.

In life, we need to go through our behaviors and habits.

What are we doing that is not good for us?
What are we not doing because we are too busy? Should we cut some things to get to that which is important?
Have we developed habits or even infrequent behaviors that are loading us up with guilt?

Ya know, guilt can overload our emotional inbox.

Maybe today would be a good day, or maybe take Saturday next weekend when you have more time, and not only clear out our social accounts we no longer need….but then tackle the scary effort of taking stock of our behaviors and see what must go.

Delete, delete, delete.

Maybe it is time.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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