Serving the Lord? Good attitude NOT required.

Even when you aren’t interested, God can use you to save a whole bunch of people. Just read Jonah. Now here is a guy with a LOT of faith and a poor attitude.

He doesn’t want to go to Nineveh. He doesn’t want to obey the Lord. Why? Because he knows God will save those people. Jonah is not interested in saving them. Jonah doesn’t like them. He would rather run away from God (a bad choice to make) then to take part in saving those he can’t stand.

Jonah also shows faith when the seas get rough. He tells the other men on the boat that God has sent that storm because of him. He knows this in his heart. He has faith that God will not let his disobedience go unpunished. He encourages them to throw him overboard and the storm stops.

Ultimately Jonah is correct.

The Ninevehites are saved.

Taking the story as it stands, without tying it to typology and Christ, we can see that even in our unwillingness- God can use us for His good.

Was God stuck with Jonah? No. I’m sure there were many faithful who didn’t hate the Ninevehites to the point of risking disobedience to God.

But would the story have been included if it were strictly about God sending a man to prophesy to an outside people group. He does so willingly and everything turns out according to God’s plan.

There are OH SO MANY people whom are not up to sharing their faith. It isn’t because they think God will not use them to partake in the salvation of others. They know God can and will do anything to save the lost.

They are just leaving it to others…just like Jonah thought he would do when he sailed in the opposite direction from where God told him to go.

Its no matter though.

God can and will use you when He chooses to. You can get along with the program…or…you can fight it.

But God can use you even when your heart is not in it.

Something to think on.

Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate


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