Day 2 Quarantine

Yesterday I was told that a friend I had volunteered with was called late Sunday night by the Health Dept to be told she was positive for COVID.

We had actually served three times in the last 5 days, and although we were masked and gloved…we were in within 1-2 feet from each other at some points with both of us trying to squeeze small boxes into a larger box.

So after cleaning up things on my desk I headed home.

I do not think I have it– but neither did she. She was symptom free.

Today since I HAVE to stay home– I want to get out. I’m rebellious that way. It is going to be an interesting 14 days.

SO there I was …sitting on my bed working on a blanket I am crocheting and listening to my Toby Mac Pandora station when the following song came on. I couldn’t help but tap my foot and smile real big. It was/ is the perfect time for seasons such a these.

Please enjoy: Never Gonna Let Me Go by Tauren Wells. Lyrics included.


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