Trust God

God is not asking you to figure it out. God is asking you to trust that He already has: Toby Mac. 
The things you can control:

Your emotional response The amount of effort you put out The amount of faith you have

Things you cannot control:

The economy
The time of your death
The weather ANYTHING when another person is involved at any level

Most of our decisions in life involve other people. People are independent. People are not 100% truthful nor committed. People are fallible. And life happens.

We must set realistic expectations on what we are capable of. We can come up with solutions – but often those solutions are dependent upon the agreeableness of others. Other times, we can wrack our brains night and day — not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It can be very futile.

Remember we do our part; we contribute in a positive way. We pray. We trust God to do what will turn out for the highest good of everyone involved.

The only way that can happen is to truly turn it over to God in faith and surrender. Our situations and circumstances do not surprise God. God knows everything. He is inspiring circumstances to line up. He has the power, He wants you to let Him work in your life.

Quit trying to do it all yourself. Repeat over and over “God’s got this! I will trust in His goodness even when I do not understand.”

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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