What if you were let down by your leader Satan?

The word of God tells us that nearly a 1/3 of the angels followed Lucifer, the angel of music and light that thought he could be AS GREAT as God….they left with him.

What would you do if you believed in someone that was equal to all power and you were just picking your political party? AND THEN… Upon descending you immediately realize that your leader who has encouraged you to leave… He/ She has no real power? Hmmmm… WHAT???

He cannot create! What? then how do we do xyz?
He is only in one place at one time AND he only knows anything else if it is told to him by followers? WHAT?

You mean he doesn’t actually know about Suzie’s weakness unless someone tells him? I MEAN SINCE HONESTLY– He IS NOT concerned about Suzie nor her troubles…when he has the WORLD and WARS and OPPRESSION and GREED…and ALL POSSIBLE DESTRUCTIVE things going on in every 1/4 mile of the world. ……. These are troubling him. YET we think ONE created being is after us because we are so special that he would give up the destruction of the rest of the world. WHAT? !!!

We believe, naively, that ever angel that left with him was happy with what they found out later.

I DO NOT BELIEVE that all the angels who left with him decided to serve him.

WHY ? WHY? WHY do I keep hearing so much about the enemy, and “his” demons and ALL the work they are hard at doing?

Why do I not hear about the glory of GOD?
About His sustaining power?
About all HIS ULTIMATE and TIMELY victory?

Why do we keep attributing bad to “satan and demons” rather than looking for and calling on the Holy Spirit and glorifying them?

Actually, we should say “whiff” “whatever” and move on in the Faith of Jesus Christ. What is wrong with that?

Don’t dare to say “the enemy can and does and is______”

Whose God do you serve?

Satan was created for glorifying God and Was NOT given powers. He was an angel to glorify God. He was created. And no where in the Bible does it say ANYWHERE that created beings have the power to create something/ some power.

All created beings can influence. And Satan, with the fallen angels that stayed with him, do try to influence the unknowing. But remember…

GOD (alone) is everywhere.
GOD (alone) can tend to everyone at once.
Everything else is limited.

QUIT giving backhanded praise to the devil by giving him credit for every uncomfortable thing you go through. “he, satan” does not have that much power nor that many angels to help him.

Sometimes life and peoples choices when they hit us just SUCK. BUT QUIT giving satan glory and start instead to cry out to and lean on the victory of Christ.

Until The Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Get your eyes off the negative.
You cannot fight it anyway.

Instead say “whiff” “whatever… handle this God, because I do not have what it takes and you already have the victory. I am trusting you AND MOVING FWD IN THE PLAN YOU HAVE FOR ME rather than taking a breaking and crying in spilled milk (bygones that can’t be changed).

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

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