Isn’t It The Right Time

This post is a wonderful reminder that we have been blessed by this curse as well.

Saba Niaz siddiqui

Dig out the days when we used to say, we don’t have enough time to do this and that.

When a hug to parents and a good night kiss on their forehead used to be the herculean task.

When seeing the blue sky used to be impossible.

When noticing tweeting birds used to be a stupid act.

When hustle and bustle trampled upon our happiness.

When closed ones became distant. And crossing the arms length used to take ages.

When we used to search peace everywhere but ourselves.

When our sweet homes became hotel.

When the unknown silence used to cover the din of discourse.

When we became the forgotten beings

Now, It’s a time we have been given;

To fix the broken hearts,

To plant a soft kiss on the wrinkled forehead,

To wash our hearts and get closer to distant ones,

To remove the arms length from our…

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