The Bird Cure

Tonight I did an exercise that called for me to list EVERY single irritation that I have. The point is that each irritation builds on the next and creates anger altogether.

I honestly didn’t think I had many, but it turns out I do.

The next step is to get victory over each one singularly, rather than trying somehow to address “my anger” all at once.

After I listed these irritations, my chest felt tense and tight. It was uncomfortable to realize there was so much beneath the surface going on.

I began to pray and turn over these issues. Within a few moments, I heard birds chirping outside. It is around 8 p.m. I’m used to hearing them in the morning around 4 a.m. But haven’t really listened in the evening.

The beautiful sounds from the birds is having a calming effect on me. My chest has loosened up and I feel better = more peaceful.

God had provided a natural remedy for my irritation tonight. I am grateful. It is a pleasant sound and I’m going to continue to sit here in silence and listen for a while longer.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate


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