Conviction: Checking My Contacts List



So I received a link on FB messenger to watch a 2 minute video. My first thought was ” I don’t have time for this. ”

But I thought I might as well, I had 2 minutes after all  + The last time this person sent one it was good. Then there was the comment by a friend that it was good.

The video turned out to be really good. Just an ol’ country boy talking about the value of things in our hands verses in the hands of others. Such as a ball in my hands might be worth $15 but in the hands of LeBron James it’s worth millions.

It eventually talked about 3 nails in my hand might nail a board down, but in Jesus hands it provides salvation to everyone. It all depends on whose hands it’s in!

He says our worries and troubles will always remain just that in our own hands but in Jesus hands he can transform them.

Wow! I wanted to share it in messenger with friends who would enjoy it.

As I went thru my contact list I was clicking send, send, skip, send, skip, skip, skip, send….. Suddenly the skips became overwhelming and convicting. I had so many people on my list that I either know are not believers or I have no idea but chose not to send it to.

I didn’t realize I had so many unsaved or possibly unsaved people on my contact list.

The conviction: what am I going to do about it?!

Just for kicks…scroll down your contacts list. What do you find?

Until Next Time~

Blessings, Kate


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