Christians we are being called upon RIGHT NOW

Today a prayer request came through my church prayer chain. A friend was asking for family prayers after losing her uncle last night who leaves behind several immediate family members.

As I offered up prayer I was overwhelmed by the fact/ insight that:

Right now heaven is being bombarded by prayers around the globe. Not only for this crisis but for all the already daily issues that need God’s wisdom and assistance.

Right now our God is weeping over all that we are walking through. He did not send us this crisis…but right now he can use us in it.

Right now, God is able to give ear and assistance to every prayer no matter how many go up in any given hour. His power is limitless.

Right now we are reminded Matthew 18:20 20For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

This is an awesome time for us to use our abundance of free time to take to our knees, to our prayer closets, to our chairs, to our rugs, to our silence…

We, RIGHT NOW, have a huge assignment to pray for life, for neighbors, for the vulnerable, for the lost, for the physicians, for sanity and wisdom.

Right now there is no shortage of issues and people to pray for. There never is… but for me this crisis makes it SO real.

If we have ever wondered what our calling is:

RIGHT NOW here it is

turn our worry time to faith time and use it to pray for others. Join our prayers together so that Christ may be ever present with us. Be the steady hands and feet for Christ as we are able. But in all circumstances and vulnerabilities we can ALWAYS pray for others, leaders, our families, wisdom, strength, guidance.

RIGHT NOW whenever the thought comes across your mind “what can/ should I do next”…that can automatically take you to prayer. There is never a limit on prayer because no matter how many prayers the world offers up….our God is on top of it.

If ever there was a time to come before the throne boldly…that time is right now.

Until Next Time,

Blessings, Kate


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