Surprised by God’s Angel of Mercy

We can all use a real life angel now and then.
First guest post by Shirley Hobson Duncanson

A Pastor's Heart

I was about as poor as I ever want to be the winter I was going through a divorce.   We had  a propane gas tank that needed to be refilled regularly.   I was at that point where I was almost eligible for the maximum amount I could get to help pay my heating costs for the year.   The gas company  had been really gracious about extending credit, but  I had reached the limit of what they felt they were able to extend. Emergency Services had turned me down, because my cumulative three-month income hadn’t reached their requirement. A storm was coming that weekend with ice and snow. I knew there wasn’t enough gas in our tank to see my family through. With seven children in the house, ages three to thirteen, I was anxious, afraid and didn’t know where else I could turn.

So, I had gone to the…

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