Am I living … life or death?

Why am I still living in sin? It is no longer to be my way of life. Interestingly, I think this is the life of the average follower of Jesus Christ, which means most of us. Yet, there is a difference between “living in sin” and sinning still from time to time.

Habitual sin will block us from God and the life He has  planned for us.

Motivational influencer, Darren Hardy, recently spoke on copying the proceedures and activities of the successful people we want to emulate. In other words, we should mimic their focus, discipline, their action and their activities.

Have you ever heard that you should read the autobiographies of great people so you can learn what and how they rose to fame?

Well, when we call ourselves Chrisitans, we are claiming to follow Jesus. In order to do that, we must read His biography- the Bible. As a follower of Jesus, we are announcing to the world that we are going to do what He did and pattern our lives after His. That is what we are saying outardly.

But, do we commit to it internally? Do we actually feed upon the Word of God, reading the gospels and the letters, to find out exactly what our actions should be?

The Bible says we need to be careful lest we be like the man who looks in the mirror then having walked away- immediately forgets what he looks like (James 1:23-24).

I am trusting as a follower of Christ you have at least heard how He lived and know what is His will for you life. Yet do you actually, on a daily basis, take it to heart and purposely attempt to live like Christ and avoid sin? Or do you live life assuming you are a good person, for the most part, and stop there?

What are your guiding principles as you  go about your day?

We can be proactive and purposely live out the postive actions of Christ and the faith. We can also plan to take the day as it unfolds without a plan. The choice is ours.

We can be intentional to avoid sins we strugge with and thereby be hyper vigilent when temptaions arise. When the opportuinity for sin comes up we will be alert and it will not sneak into our actions and thoughts.

If we are on guard and ready for temptaions then we will not be taken aback the next mornng wondering how in the world we gave in again to those sins that frequent us the most.

Today remind yourself that sin no longer lives in you (Galations 2:20). When the temptaion to sin presents itself…walk away, think of something else, confess that you live as Christ within you. Live out your new nature, not that old self that was crucfied with Christ. Walk as a new being set free from sin and death.

Until Next Time-
Bleings, Kate

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