Our True Colors?

Guest Post by Mitch Teemley
Beautiful thoughts on the Autumn of our lives

Mitch Teemley


love to see the leaves change color in autumn, don’t you?

Except that it’s a myth. Leaves don’t change color.

My wife and I often walk in the woods. We’re blessed to live near Mount Airy Forest in Cincinnati, the oldest “urban forest” in the U.S., and what we’ve learned (as transplants from Southern California) is that those shimmery yellows, oranger-than-a-pumpkin oranges, and sunset reds are actually the leaves’ true colors.

And, oh, how beautiful they make the world!

All that green?  It’s just a cheery chlorophyll veneer. But when the cold “snaps,” the chlorophyll rushes down to hide amongst the roots, and the leaves’ true colors become visible. It’s then that we see how beautiful—and unique—each leaf truly is. Though, sadly, some are burnt by the sun, or turn bitter-brittle when the chlorophyll abandons them.

I pray that as we reach the apex, the…

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2 thoughts on “Our True Colors?

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  1. We know that our own true colors, as new creations, will only be realized when exposed in the light of Christ when he gathers his Bride separated from the worldlings. Thanks for the post_share, real information is a friend of ours. There is no conflict between God’s revelation to his children and actual Science. Science doee not speak, human scientists do. My access is by phone now only, if I wish to write. The keyboard of my laptop has failed me for letters, but is stuck in activating the CONTROL button. I’m at odds until I get a new device… probably until late January or early February. Typing with one finger is something I haven’t often done since 1974.

    I’m glad worldly success and possessions are not the measure of our faith in God.

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