Prayer Requests- asking others to pray for us

Why do we shy away from asking for prayer or support

Greg Laurie had the above link in an article. Along with it was a statement that if I needed anything to write him. This is own email.  HUH???!!! This is a prominent man who has filled stadiums on evangelistic tours.

  • Surely he has others reading this email- how many requests can he handle?
  • He doesn’t have time for all these requests not a man of his walk with God and immense outreach?
  • Who me send him a request for prayer?

It is not just asking for prayer from a famous person that deters us from asking. I find that MOST of my life I rarely prayed for myself, let alone asked others to pray for me and my situations.

Do you ask for prayers? Is it natural for you?

Or do you struggle to get the nerve up? Struggle to see your situation as worthy and needing prayer? Or are you afraid to bother people? Are you afraid they will judge you or see you as weak?

Today let us each take time to ask 1 person to pray for us. If you don’t know who to ask, then, put a request in the comments below and I would be honored to pray for you.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

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