Faith Through the Fire

Do you want to strengthen your faith to get your through the fire?

I have been watching a sermon series called Crazy Faith, from Transformation Church. Last week was part 12: Blazy (think fire) Faith. This is a GREAT sermon worth all 53 minutes. Don’t have time– save it for later on YouTube.


I think you will really enjoy it! You may even want to take notes.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Maxim Tajer on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Faith Through the Fire

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  1. I’ve been reading & pondering this topic in Timothy Keller’s “Walking with God through pain and suffering”. (digital loan fm public library.)
    The 3 Hebrew boys in the King’s furnace were joined by YHWH visibly, not teleported out like Philip after he met with the Ethiopian in his chariot. All 4 had faith in God as God not as a provider of benefits. The presence itself is our dream come true, just as He walked w) Adam & Eve in Eden. Thanks for pushing the envelope and publishing here your adventure. We are not alone. He is our shepherd. We are his sheep. ba-ah-ah. 0%)K
    psst. that’s my crazy Alien figure btw.


  2. I am going to look that book up. We have a digital loaning library online that I have never used before. By the title it sounds like a book for people who may ask “why me?” & ” how am I going to get through this?”…………………Am I correct?
    If so, I need that for my ministry
    If no, please share a synopsis here for us.
    Thank you Gregory for your faithful reading and even more so for dialoguing with me continually. I appreciate you and your time.


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