Guest Poem: Sweet Holy Fire

fire 1

Sweet Holy Fire

Oh consume me
Revive, renew me!
Burn within my heart
Let the fire start

Stir up the embers
Cause me to remember
When I first came
First knew your name

Sweet holy fire
May my desire
Become one with you
Ever be yours
Let me not ignore

When you speak
It’s you I seek
Face to face
Lord, I embrace

Your every word
I have heard
Your voice calling
I am falling

Into your arms
I won’t be harmed
Clean out the dross
All garbage tossed

Fan the flames, Lord
With your holy word
Use your sword
Your voice implored

Drawing me higher
Out of the mire
Away from the world
Your banner unfurled

Let the fire burn
It’s to you I turn
Purge me I pray
This very day

Sweet holy fire
Let me never tire
Of pursuing you
In all I do

May they see you
May I be true
Burn inside
On the outside

Let my zeal
Be revealed
Burn me up
Fill my cup

Let it roar
As my heart soars
Towards my home
Never more to roam.

Laura Strand 10-26-2019

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