Do you have any answer?

For the people who go through war when they just want to live and exist. Their lives are disrupted by politics. Their lives are shattered.

We in the U.S. have not gone through this but there are many countries that have and are: Kashmir and Syria are just two.

Please take a moment to read these heartfelt questions.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Saba Niaz siddiqui

What would you do when you were illicitly caged in your own home..

What would you do when communication got blocked and you couldn’tcontact with your family..

What would you do when your brother/son were illegally taken to jail..

What would you do when your sister/daughter were raped..

What would you do when you were prohibited to go to your place of worship..

What would you do when arm personals broke into your home in the darkness of night and threaten you with their iron arms..

What would you do when you got pellet shower in the crime of committing peaceful protest for your rights..

What would you do when your loved ones lost their eyes after brutal pellet shower..

What would you do when you were treated inhumanely..

What would you do when you couldn’t take patients to the hospital..

What would you do when students couldn’t go…

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  1. Thanks again Kate for posting something that does not allow us much wiggle room or space to waffle around. We ignore such to our peril and those who depend upon us for guidance, leadership, encouragement, insight. Being a disciple of Jesus’ is more than just walking the “sawdust trail”. Keep knowing that you are doing a welcomed service for the Body.

    Some of these things are occurring even in our own country (USA) to varying degrees but still the same, so anyone who is shocked by this ought to be looking at what they can do in their neighborhoods and regions for Christ, for Christians in poverty, for abandoned elderly, schools in our inner cities, etc. I’m glad you posted these questions. A faith in God through Jesus our Lord that is not examined and intellectually processed is an unwarranted belief, not faith. Many Christians throughout the centuries past and even our faithful brothers & sisters before Jesus was born are happy in ignorance but that is disobedience. If you cannot reason it out and explain something how can you say it is what you know, trust and believe?

    May we hear Jesus tells us, “Well done, good and faithful servant…” May we not be the ones saying “…but we prophesied in your name, healed the sick, cast out demons…” with his reply “Depart from me you evil-doers, I never knew you.” Ouch. 2Cor13.5, 2Pet1.10f, Rom12 (yes, vs1-3 particularly but the whole section here through chapter 15 is exactingly on point.)


  2. Gregory…
    I have met a few people, from war torn countries…or on the brink of regional war, here on WordPress.

    Daily I read their writings about things I hope I never experience yet call me to task on DOING SOMETHING and being AUTHENTIC about it.

    Right now I have 2 things I can do: A) I can pray. and this is the best possible thing to do. I believe pray brings miracles where a dollar is spent in 5 minutes. AND B) I can help spread the word for these people that I consider my friends now.

    Oh how I wish I had money or resources. But isn’t that the easy thing to do?

    Throw money at a situation we do not have to face.

    Spill out a few dollars and move on with our day FEELING like “I did something about it. I did my part”.

    No! Christ calls us to live with people in distress.

    It is much more uncomfortable to sit with people, to lift them up in prayer, knowing how powerless I personally am–

    yet GOD is ever so powerful. And miracles still happen.

    One of my new friends is from a country where 2 other countries (of the 3 total) that control this region have clamped down on his country. They are locking people up without reason, killing people in the streets, invading homes. They have cut off ALL media and communications.

    We do not face the horrendous things that others face.

    AND you have it CORRECT…in spite of our privilege and and our whining based in comforts most of the time..

    there really are people in the U.S. that are starving (I see it daily) and have no place to live. Families torn by addiction and abuse and a zillion other things. Christ calls us to live with them in the mess. We cannot fix it all but we can truly love them, be with them, offer what we have.

    I have SOOOOOOO far to go. Loving truly in the midst is difficult. We (especially) in America do not like to feel or face powerlessness. We run from our family members and friends and strangers that are going thru things we cannot shoulder because we don’t know what to do.

    But sometimes it is presence. The dignity and DIFFICULT task to be truly present. TO say it sucks. I wish it were different. Let us pray together right now. THEN tell me what I can do. If I can do nothing…let me listen to you and help you keep your head up long enough for the tide to turn…and along the way please tell me if I can do ANYTHING for you my friend.


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