Dialogue Questions: Success

Americans are success driven. That means different things to different people. Some people want success in all areas of life, while some just focus on a certain part of their lives. Today I want to hear from you all:

  • What does success mean to you?

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4 thoughts on “Dialogue Questions: Success

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  1. Success to me is loving my wife like Christ loves the Church, meaning her whole person and issues. As I bumble along in His shadow on that path I find the noise in my head lessens. Everything else has to fit into that direction for me as a husband. I’m even learning how to accept that I am held responsible by God for my marriage and yet I have no power to do anything. That is what happened at The Fall. God’s word regarding how to proceed is what I’m trying to follow: Why are you angry, and why is your expression downcast? Is it not true that if you do what is right, you will be fine? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at the door. It desires to dominate you, but you must subdue it.

    So success is becoming less so I can learn to love like Jesus loves. I cannot make my wife respect me, and I’m thrilled she loves me. But her obedience to God is something I have no power to make happen. But I can subdue desires by doing what is right. Everything else pales in significance to me. And being part of “The Bride”, I’m glad Jesus loves me and shows me how to learn what it is to love my wife.

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  2. Success to me is fully living my life in God’s perfect will as often and long as possible. If I’m doing what He desires and am positioned where He wants me, I know the rest (my needs (not read “wants”) at a minimum) will be provided for.

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    1. Amen Sister! ALl my needs have always been taken care of but I had to listen to that still small voice and make the right choices from there. Some times my choices have almost lead to needs not being met, but had I been listening to God’s will I would never have but myself in those positions that lead to those times.

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