To Get In A Happy Mood…

I read a post today which put me in a good mood. I am hoping where I go with this will spark some ideas in you– all of you.

chicoinematt  on The Simple Catholic wrote an article Gratitude is Our Oxygen  in which he states: “Thankfulness breeds kindness, productivity, and leads to reciprocity between individuals.”

There was a time when I would be irked every time I heard Oprah talk about gratitude. It seemed like she was constantly preaching about it. I kept thinking “sure she is grateful! Look at all she has! Look at HER life!”

But what I have learned is that gratitude multiplies itself.

I started out saying the basics:
I am thankful for my apartment because, no matter how run down it is, I am not homeless
I am thankful for running water to shower and drink fresh water from because other do not have this
I am thankful for heat and air-conditioning
I am thankful that I daily have something to eat

That eventually lead to:

I am thankful for my son living with me
I am grateful for the positive things my parents did for me
I am grateful for my friends in real life and online-some people have none
I am thankful I live in a safe neighborhood and I am not a refugee from a war torn country
I am thankful there is a bus to take, and when I have to walk to – I am able to still walk
I am grateful there are pretty flowers growing along the side walk as I walk around the neighborhood
I am thankful for the weeds that have flowers in pretty colors
I am thankful for the blue sky
I am thankful for the variation in the cloud colors on grey days
I am thankful for the rain
I have traveled by plane – my favorite way to travel
I am thankful to have driven across the U.S. 4 times and seen its beauty
I am thankful I have 3 hours a day, before sleep, that I can read
I am thankful that libraries are free
I am grateful for choices in the supermarket
I am grateful for classical, jazz, techno, Christian, Latino dance, and other music
I am grateful for my education
I am grateful for plays and musicals that I have seen and get to enjoy
I am grateful for good poetry
I am thankful for the internet
I love and adore the ocean
I enjoy lakes and rivers
I can afford my medicine

…and the list goes on and on, now. But it took a while.

When I am in a bad mood or just blah, I can think on these things for a minute (seriously most times it is just a minute) and I start to feel better as I smile.

If you are struggling I encourage you to start where you are.

Think of 3 things in your life that you have, or have noticed, that others might not be privileged enough to have. Just repeat those frequently. And then add to them as things come to your mind. Eventually it gets easier and it gets to the point that your gratitude will just flow.

I am thankful for all of you who read this blog. If you feel inclined…write in the comments what you are grateful for today.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash


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  1. Great post! I wrote out five things daily that I am thankful for. Sometimes they are super basic and other times go deeper, but it reminds me I am never too far down to get back up as long as I am mentally staying positive and thankful.

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